John, our Founder, had a career in Restaurant Management and then in Finance in NYC.

He toiled for over two decades; but after walking by a bike shop in his Upper West Side neighborhood, his curiosity got the best of him.

In a few short months a new passion was born.

John's vision for a tour company came after he had made his first trip across the Brooklyn Bridge.

What followed was excursions with his friends and family to all outstretching parts of NYC and beyond.

In his first cycling season he rode three centuries (100 mile +) -rides from Upstate NY to Brooklyn, from Montauk, Long Island to NYC, and a NYC Century all Borough Bike Ride.

He is now an advocate for cyclist safety and rights in NYC, supporting TransAlt and 5BBC.

He transplanted himself to Brooklyn, NY where he can be found in many local restaurants and bars chatting about his love affair of cycling.

If you meet him, don't be surprised if he asks you one simple question: "You wanna go on a bike ride?"

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Dana is our newest addition to Brooklyn Giro Bike Tours.

Dana is a long time road cyclist with a passion for touring.

She has seen some of the best sights of her life by bicycle and now uses her wheels to explore every inch of the 5 boroughs.

As a transplant from Philadelphia, she moved to Brooklyn to study dance.

She can tell you fun stories about history and maybe show you a few new moves for the dance floor!

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Josh is an adventure seeker from upstate New York.

Between working in some of New York’s most popular restaurants, he enjoys honing his skills as a multi instrumentalist and producer; and taking in the dining, music and arts scenes of New York.

From growing up riding bikes with friends to using his bike to take in every nook and cranny of Brooklyn & Manhattan, Josh has been riding in packs for years and is excited to add you to his!

Ask him for tips on places to grab a bite, see a band, catch a film or get a cocktail. He'll be happy to share his insite as a local in the city we love!

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Hailing from South Florida, Robert moved to New York to fulfill his dream of becoming a bike messenger. He’s found completeness in spending his workdays zooming around the city on his track bike while listening to history podcasts. When he’s off the saddle, he’s probably exploring one of his creative outlets: cooking and fingerstyle guitar. Robert loves to share his passions with others and his penchant for American history makes him a tour guide you’ll want to connect with. Ask him for podcast recommendations or where to go for authentic Chinese food!



Olivia is a Cornell University student-athlete and Upstate New York native that has lived in NYC for the past three years.

She is the newest additon to Brooklyn Giro Bike Tours and we are thrilled to have her.

She works at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, the very first luxury, five-star hotel in Brooklyn, when she is not riding you around.

In her free time, she explores everything our incredible city has to offer, including parks, libraries, restaurants, and museums.

Ask her for her recommendations on her favorite spots.

We think she's nuts, but we are sure you will love her!



Brian is a stand up comic when he is not leading you around on a bike. Don't be suprised if he invites you to one of his shows.

Also, he loves Brooklyn's Many Breweries and might invite you for a cold one post ride. He wants to put together a "Beer Tour", but we are not sure that's a good idea.

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Hello future rider!

"My original professional training was as an Orchestral Percussionist.

Later I worked for several years as a restaurant chef/cook.

I also obtained a NYS Massage Therapists license.

My penultimate career was as a custom cabinet maker, a business I ran for 25 years. Finally, in 2012 I closed this business and began my career as a NYS Licensed Tour Guide, specializing in Bike Tours in NYC.

This last career in many ways has been the most satisfying as it combines my love of exploring NYC on bike and of sharing the culture and history of this great city."

Looking forward to riding with you soon!