Bushwick, one of the original settlements in Brooklyn, boasts some of the most exciting Street Art… with its’ growing population of ‘urban artists’ and ‘hipsters’, combined with a growing bar and restaurant scene; this area in Brooklyn is one to watch…



This tour starts in the most visited area of Brooklyn in DUMBO, undeneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

We visit the BROOKLYN NAVY YARD and ride along North Brooklyn's Waterfront into Williamsburg, once called Bushwick Shore. to visit DOMINO SUGAR PARK.

A brilliant ride through SOUTH WILLIAMSBURG, the largest Jewish community in the US and through EAST WILLIAMSBURG takes us to the BUSHWICK COLLECTIVE.

We may stop for some of the best pizza in BROOKLYN or for the best coffee you'll have in NYC and explore the Urban Art Scene in an area of Brooklyn once considered only for commercial use.

A ride back to DUMBO through BED-STY and FORT GREEN with commentary on THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR end your tour.

Post ride, enjoy a cocktail or a great lunch under the BROOKLYN BRIDGE and see why our location is the perfect start and end point for a tour in BROOKLYN!

$48 USD | 2-3 HOURS | 10 MILES